Boston Sound Control is always been up to date with new regulations and new health updates that have to do with noise. We want to make sure you know how noise is impacting other towns, homes and communities throughout Massachusetts. Below is some Sound in the News that gives you information on what sound is doing to others.

Hospitals look on Health and Noise:

A test on noise in a hospital has been done and proven that it is not healthy for people to sleep in a noisy environment. Patients in the room that need peace and quiet are not getting it leading in uncomfortable nights and longer time getting better. Don’t let those noises bother you at night and get a good night sleep rest in the comfort of your own bedroom. Click Here To See The Article.

Traffic noise causes heart attacks!

A recent study done in Denmark shows that, “between 40 and 80 decibels, every 10 decibel increase in traffic noise was linked to a 12 percent higher risk of heart attack.” When living in an area that you have a lot of street noise and alarms can increase the chance of heart attacks. The loud noises give people in that area stress and less relief than the people in quieter areas. Click Here To See The Article.
Boston Noise Regulation:

In the city of Boston, you cannot have any noise coming from your home that is over 70 decibels and between the time of 11:00pm to 7:00am noise cannot be louder than 50 decibels.
Click Here To See The Article.

City launches campaign to keep down the noise:

During the holidays, it seems to be the loudest outside. In the summer months in New England, there is more and more parties, people, and music being played outside. Local towns are trying to campaign against the loud noise of people in the streets during this summer’s holidays. If you have a lot of people in your neighborhood that are constantly making noise, give Boston Noise Control a call to help evaluate the situation. Click Here To See The Article.

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