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We are dedicated to give you the best noise control solution in the Boston Area.

You want the best soundproofing experience in Boston? Have noise Issues or need to control the Noise in your room? Contact New England Soundproofing and find out how we can help you!

Who are we?

Boston Sound Control is part of New England Soundproofing offering noise control solutions all throughout New England. New England Soundproofing was established in 2011 after performing multiple soundproofing jobs under the name Drago General Contracting, a high end, well respected, contracting company. We have been providing Boston with all their soundproofing needs since 1985 and been doing high end work ever since. Now we are just concentrated on the Soundproofing and being able to bring peace and quiet throughout New England.

What makes you the best around?

We only do Soundproofing, Acoustics, and Noise Control, and that’s it! We are a soundproofing company and that is just what we do. There are many “contractors” or even insulation companies that say they know how to soundproof but sell you something far from it. We are dedicated soundproofing company, using the most technological soundproofing material around.

What do you have to offer?

Products, Consulting and Installation! There are many soundproofing “companies” or retailer out on the web that offer just the material. Well we are New England Soundproofing go one step further and not only supply material, but consult and INSTAL the material! Yes there are many suppliers for soundproofing, and we are partnered with most of them, but we go one step further and offer installation to make sure this material is being used correctly. Talk to any of those “online” soundproofing companies and they will tell you installation is the most important part of soundproofing. We know the soundproofing installation part and we are local licensed contractors that can come to your house to do the work for you.

I have a contractor I trust, why do I need you?

So you’re a handy man, or have a contractor you HAVE to use. But is your contractor really going to install it correctly? We know exactly what it takes to install this material. But if you want to do it yourself or have your handyman still install it, which is fine, we can still help. We offer on-site consulting in which we will go work with your contractor to make sure he is installing it correctly. We will consult you and your contractor, check the work, and make sure everything is going smoothly.

Please look around at our main site, give us a call, or drop us a email. We will respond and help. Tell us about your noise issue and what you want to accomplish! Below is our contact information along with some helpful links for you. We hope to hear from you soon.

Joseph Drago


(781) 710-1261

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